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Los Angeles, CA – May 16, 2017 – C3 Networks, a cross-border managed IT solutions provider, wishes to clarify any misconceptions that may exist in the market regarding its relationship with ChinaCache, a global content delivery network provider.

Since its inception, C3 Networks Inc. (“C3 Networks”) has been an entirely separate entity from ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd. and its subsidiaries and affiliates, including ChinaCache North America, Inc. (collectively referred to as “ChinaCache”).  There has never been, at any point in time, any ownership, partnership, franchise, joint venture, spinoff, successor, affiliate, employer-employee or agency relationship between C3 Networks and ChinaCache.  Therefore, Neither C3 Networks nor ChinaCache shall make any statement, representation or commitment of any kind on behalf of each other.

To the extent that C3 Networks may provide data center or other services on behalf of or to ChinaCache in the future, or ChinaCache may provide such services on behalf of or to C3 Networks, they do so as part of an arm’s length transaction in the ordinary course of business and only with the other party’s written confirmation or authorization.

About C3 Networks (http://www.c3edge.com)

C3 Networks is a leader in cross-border, managed IT solutions for global enterprises. C3 Networks provide engineering and technical solutions that enable enterprises to expand their presence into China and Asia.

About ChinaCache (http://en.chinacache.com)

Founded in 1998, ChinaCache is both the first and the largest content delivery service provider in China. Boasting more than fifteen years of CDN experience, ChinaCache has more than 1,500 employees across the world with global service coverage.  ChinaCache is also the only China-focused pure-play CDN publicly traded on NASDAQ.

Expect to pay more for China hosting

A popular misconception that foreign companies have when deploying IT services in China is the assumption that IT costs in China will be lower. This appears to be a reasonable assumption; cost of living is lower in China; labor costs are lower in China; IT labor is also lower in China. So it naturally follows that the cost of deployment would be lower as well. However, this is not true. When compared to the United States, hosting costs in IP transit, space, and power cost more in China.    Continue…

We’re excited to announce that C3Edge will be working with leading Internet performance provider, Dyn, to help launch their new China network, which will allow multi-national customers to connect faster and more reliably with users throughout China.

Dyn is a cloud-based Internet Performance company that helps companies monitor, control, and optimize online infrastructure for exceptional end-user experience.  According to Alexa, Dyn is the number one provider of managed DNS services among the Top 1000 and the Top 10,000 visited websites.  Dyn’s China Network, which is located in both Beijing and Shanghai, is a unique DNS service that will allow the majority of requests from within China to stay within the country, thus avoiding the issues associated with out-of-country traffic delivery and significantly improving performance and reliability. Read More

China-based cloud computing provider, UCloud, will be one of the first companies to offer Chinese users cloud hosting services outside of China, thanks to C3Edge.

UCloud, which was founded in 2012 by former Tencent executives, specializes in game hosting and related Cloud offerings. Its services and pricing have been compared to that of Amazon Web Services. Last year, UCloud announced $50 million in Series B funding to be used for expanding business into North America. We are proud to announce that UCloud has chosen C3Edge as its trusted infrastructure and managed hosting provider to help facilitate that expansion. Read More

C3Edge will be providing managed hosting services for China News Service (CNS), one of the largest state-level news agencies in China, in data centers across Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and Frankfurt.

Functioning as a state-level news service as well as an international news agency that delivers news to a global audience, CNS is primarily subscribed to by Chinese readers overseas. CNS will be using C3Edge’s high-performing dedicated servers and managed hosting service to support the wide range of reports and information across three continents. This will enable CNS to focus on producing and curating relevant rather than allocating internal resources and infrastructure to run their website. Read More