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Dyn partners with C3Edge to launch new network in China

We’re excited to announce that C3Edge will be working with leading Internet performance provider, Dyn, to help launch their new China network, which will allow multi-national customers to connect faster and more reliably with users throughout China.

Dyn is a cloud-based Internet Performance company that helps companies monitor, control, and optimize online infrastructure for exceptional end-user experience.  According to Alexa, Dyn is the number one provider of managed DNS services among the Top 1000 and the Top 10,000 visited websites.  Dyn’s China Network, which is located in both Beijing and Shanghai, is a unique DNS service that will allow the majority of requests from within China to stay within the country, thus avoiding the issues associated with out-of-country traffic delivery and significantly improving performance and reliability.

In order to deploy this type of in-country DNS service, Dyn will be working with C3Edge for infrastructure and managed hosting, as well as local guidance and support.  In anticipation of the launch of Dyn’s China Network, Dyn and C3Edge teamed up to create a webinar, “How to Expand Your Global Reach into China.”

Check it out here: http://hub.dyn.com/h/i/30196840-how-to-expand-your-global-reach-into-china